Republicans in Legislature give Chris Abele almost complete control of Milwaukee County

While many have rightfully been talking about the awful provision in the state budget that would essentially do away with Wisconsin’s open records laws, there’s another provision within the budget that should be very disturbing for anyone who lives in Milwaukee County and values checks and balances in government.

As Lisa Kaiser of the Shepherd Express reports:

It’s official: Chris Abele is a more radical county executive than Scott Walker. 

Abele is succeeding where Walker failed. Abele has conspired with GOP legislators to strip the Milwaukee County board of pretty much every power they have.

Last night, on pages 23 and 24 of a 24-page catchall budget amendment, the Milwaukee County board was reduced to rubble. The county executive would be able to take over all authority over land sales and transfers. The board wouldn’t be able to approve contracts or have input on requests for proposals. The board would be prohibited from adopting a policy that conflicts with the county executive’s authority.


This is way worse than what’s been rumored. Yes, I know this needs to be passed by both houses of the Legislature and be signed into law by Walker. It’ll happen. It shouldn’t, but it will.


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  1. Awesome!!! Anyone who would defend the clown car group of county board members that “serve” Milwaukee county needs their heads examined. Taking as much authority out of their hands as possible is always the best policy.

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