Scott Walker’s breach of contract to cost WI taxpayers $10 million

After Gov. Scott Walker cancelled the State of Wisconsin’s contracts with Spanish train maker Talgo, that company sued the state for breach of contract.

It looks like Talgo’s lawsuit against the state has been setttled, and Wisconsin’s taxpayers are $10 million poorer as a result.

The state will pay a Spanish manufacturer nearly $10 million for two trains it built that were never used after Gov. Scott Walker abandoned a rail project.

It settles a lawsuit Talgo Inc. filed in 2012 over the trains it manufactured to run between Milwaukee and Chicago.


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2 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s breach of contract to cost WI taxpayers $10 million

  1. $10 million is just chump change and the beginning of the enormous cost to be paid in future years by Wisconsin taxpayers for Walker’s maladministration, immorality, and criminality.

    But far worst than the monetary effect will be Walker’s legacy of harm in human terms especially to the education of our children, the health care of elderly and the needy, the destruction of our environment and resultant pollution, and workers denied a living wage, equality, and representation.

    Walker’s governance is a cancer on the human spirit with lasting effects enabled by a bribed and blind state supreme court and a gerrymandered legislature which passes unjust laws and denies a majority of Wisconsin citizens a voice.

    “Oh, the humanity!”

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