Scott Walker’s new presidential campaign strategy revealed!

Here’s a quick look at Gov. Scott Walker’s newest strategy as his campaign vies to remain relevant in the face of Donald Trump’s ascendance to the top of the Republican Party’s gaggle of presidential contenders.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s new presidential campaign strategy revealed!

  1. Walker is finished, kaput, washed up, irrelevant, as it regards the presidential race.

    But shhhhh, don’t tell him. Walker is wasting the Koch Klan’s money and Wisconsin benefits from the absence of his inept and immoral governance when he is “campaigning.”

    Way to go, Scoty!

  2. You continue to underestimate Walker, as you have all along. He is a despicable human being but he has the power and professionalism of A.L.E.C. and Koch behind him. And I fear he has hit upon a winning platform: repealing ACA with a comprehensive new health care plan funded by “extra taxes” imposed by ACA seems like the anti-Obama solution Republicans have been looking for. Along with Sanders “Single Payer” plan the strategy devides Liberals and puts enough hope in the hands of our rightwing nuts to draw more money and support into Walker’s campaign. That along with the Mantra “less government” will put our Koch puppet on center stage in the coming election primaries.

    As Mrs. Clinton is confined to email gate and her numbers and Obama’s great legacy declines, we may see the unthinkable yet again. Our tactic: support ACA, the Iran deal, renewed education funding at state levels,

    ACA “Single payer” healthcare gives most medical research and healthcare decisions to federal bereaucrats. The ACA leaves more control of medicine in the hands of the states and medical professionals with the oversight of Insurance experts who are monitoring the results to make sure they can be profitable. If this arrangement can function truly as a free marketed plan. We have experts on both sides, healthcare researchers and professionals and healthcare finance professionals with a stake in the best and most affordable treatment.
    Iran The Mid East is divided into two religious factions: Sunni and Shiite. Iran is the only powerful Shiite nation and supports any rebellion against the Sunni populations like those in Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia that seek to control populations by force. It should be obvious that Isis is getting their well funded support from these Sunni controlled nations who seek war as a way of making oil the controlling financial commodity in the world. Iran is labeled a “terroist” nation because they support any rebellious Shiite populations in the mid east in order to contain mainly Sunni Saudi Arabia, which is a major US partner.
    Federal Government ProgramsMost Americans know that Social Security and Medicare are vital to a nation that no longer feeds itself from each individual’s back forty. Government has not been the problem, Republican government that is underfunded and sabotaged has been the problem. Let’s stay involved and elect good, qualified Democrats.

    1. Perhaps you could leave a link and credit for what appears to be a copy and paste from some source for the points alluded to. Next maybe you could clarify who the, “our,” is exactly, as used in the specific instance above, “Our tactic:”

      Aside from the discussion of fantasies about some sort of free market forces ever having existed which is the most ludicrous part of your unattributed policy quotes, just trying to understand where this all is coming from.

      This is almost as humorous as is WDC’s comment below, another of his prime tin foil hat exaltations, illustrating completely uncritical conservative fervor in lapping up the kool-aid of the one percent’s divide and conquer class war lies.

      1. Scott saved us from the Doyle/ Barrett mess. Want despicable human beings?, it is those that spend money on trolleys and arenas when they need 250 more cops, cannot teach kids in inner city to read, ignore human trafficking, the roads are mess, abandoend houses all over, corruption everywhere, Milwaukee county govt. screws best businesses, 57% unemployment for our youth, heroin deaths ten or more per week, worst poverty. Those are despicable leaders, all Leftists. White, male, liberals, racists run Milwaukee.

        1. Anyone who reads factual news and has followed the trials of the WCC bomber-Terrorists knows that only Saudis were on the flights and in the cells that infiltrated America in plane sight of the Bush administration; that the Iran “terrorist” aids were to Yemen Shiite rebels fighting the Saudi fighter bombers supporting the Sunni government forces suppressing the people.

          Even during the Nixon administration when Sunni Iraq under Saddam Hussein was fighting Shiite Iran our military gave Saddam nerve gas–a weapon of mass distruction–to use against the Iranians. Thus we KNEW that Iraq under Saddam has “WMDs” because we gave it to them. When Saddam challenged the Saudi Sunni hegemony in the Middle East by attacking Kuwait, the Saudis gave us reluctant promission to support the Kuwaiti government and we entered the Gulf War during as much damage to our own troops with “agent orange” as to Iraq.

          Israel could not continue to dominate Palestine without the financial support & approval of Saudi Arabia. Iran does not give that approval and supports Palestine–so is a threat.

          We must restore the balance of power in the Middle East and untie Iran to continue to be our most effective challange to the Sunni Isil forces funded again by Saudi Arabia, Syria and the other Sunni contingents in the area.

          God bless Obama for seeing the problem and standing up to it despite Saudi blinded nay sayers like you in every part of this nation and the world.

  3. Go get them scott save us from Hillary/obama like you did from Doyle/Burke.

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