Unintimidated Governor Walker Still Can’t Make Up His Mind on AHCA

Despite supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) from like forever, now that the Washington GOP has put an actual replacement plan on the table, Governor Walker can’t actually voice support for the American Health Care Act…go figure:

Gov. Scott Walker again declined Tuesday to say whether he supports legislation in Congress to replace Obamacare, cut taxes and the deficit, and allow 24 million people to end up without health coverage over the next decade.

Walker called for repealing Obamacare in each of his three successful runs for governor in 2010, 2012 and 2014, but he has declined to take a stance on the Affordable Care ActI replacement being pushed by one of Walker’s closest allies, House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Janesville Republican.

Walker has repeatedly declined to answer questions about the House GOP bill, including whether he supports it as is, what changes he wants to it if any, and how much time or additional information he might need in order to give a clear position on the legislation.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday after a Rotary Club meeting in Milwaukee, Walker said that there is “room for progress” on the bill but didn’t make clear what those improvements might be.

“I think it’s pretty clear that there are going to be some changes. I think it’s good that they’re heading this direction but I think there’s no doubt — even this coming week — there’ll be changes in the House and possibly in the Senate,” Walker said. [emphasis added]

It’s amazing how something as insignificant as a coming gubernatorial election can cloud ones firm grasp on party ideology…


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1 thought on “Unintimidated Governor Walker Still Can’t Make Up His Mind on AHCA

  1. So little Scotty doesn’t care if “urban voters” lose their health care? What about elderly white folks and white vets?
    He is worried about the EPA cuts though. Since he gave the Kochs the freebie mining rights and a get out of paying for pollution card, who’s going to clean up the Koch’s pollution?

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