Republican Humor?

Steve pointed out earlier that republicans and humor just don't mix. Unless of course you fill it with racism then that cracks the whole republican room up. Now we have Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s good friend and confidant Frank Luntz going to the racism well to win his right wing audience over…

Yes nothing funnier than talking about running over the president with your car…..

Can we please ban republicans from telling “jokes”?

H/T Raw Story.


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8 thoughts on “Republican Humor?

  1. Ban it as humor or accept it as wishful thinking or recognize it as incitement to unlawful action. I suspect the latter is closer to the truth, despite their protestations.

  2. Incitement to unlawful action? racism?
    There is no racism nor incitement to lawful action displayed in this clip.
    I’ll give you this much, you have quite an imagination.

    1. Dear Kim,
      Please don’t say we are reading too much into the difference between the front bumper and the back bumper or that there is no implication to a motor vehicle and a specific person. Lutz is clearly
      referring to the act of running down the President of the United States of American. It should not be funny, it should be appalling. But since both the speaker and the audience can imagine it, it becomes funny to them.
      It is not a joke out of the blue, words have meaning.

      BTW, Lutz did not use racism in this introduction, nor did I say so.

  3. Frank Luntz wants to run over Barack Obama with his car.

    Does this mean that I can want to run over Scott Walker with my pickup truck? Can I get a conservative ruling on this?

    Can I want to run over Scott walker with my pickup truck? That’s my question.

    1. This is Frank Luntz who is the Message man for the whole republican party…..if anyone knows how to use words and parse them its luntz…..

      Steve you can as long as its the punchline….

  4. Absolutely as long as its in a joking manner….full of love and wit.

    i am sure the republicans would have no problem with that because we know if they are one thing its consistent!

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