Scott Walker’s $700,000 presidential campaign debt

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was getting an in-depth debriefing about his campaign’s finances, and the situation was grim.

In a little more than two months, his presidential bid had amassed a debt of roughly $700,000, campaign manager Rick Wiley told the governor in a call Sunday night.

For a politician who’s made so much during his career of how frugal he is (remember those “Brown Bag Lunch” ads?), the fact that Scott Walker’s presidential campaign is $700,000 in the hole blows up the idea that he’s fiscally responsible, because fiscally responsible candidates don’t run up debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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4 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s $700,000 presidential campaign debt

  1. The reason Walker cited for withdrawing :

    “He said that he won’t run a deficit campaign.”

    Then why would he postpone or extend payment on Wisconsin debt?

    Which begs the question, Why didn’t he “withdraw” or resign as governor?

  2. I don’t think Walker is a “follower”. He’s just a lost soul, a pathological liar, in love with himself, who gets everything he wants the lazy way, by conning people. He has lived off government jobs his entire adult life, never ever having held a REAL job, where he had to work, unless you consider slinging hamburgers at McDonald’s, “work”. Walker is simply a career politician, living the easy life, off the government dole, and Teat. Using that government and tax payers money to BUY himself rich “acquaintances”, with lucrative salaries, perks, and paybacks. Of course, these are not “real” friends, as they’d obviously throw him under the bus at the first bump,as the Koch Brothers just did, or the next, “bigger” handout. As more of the truth comes out everyone will see exactly how much money “Your Money” has been thrown away on Corporate Welfare Tax Breaks and..WEDC.. The total will be over a BILLION Dollars !

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