Paul Ryan Postures On His Reaction To The Budget Deal

House leadership has come to an agreement with the White House over the federal budget. Apparently this deal, brokered by House Speaker John Boehner, was worked on in ‘secret’ with the Obama administration.

As a result Speaker-in-waiting, Paul Ryan feigns outrage on how this budget agreement was achieved.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the front-runner to be the next House speaker, said the budget process “stinks,” and blasted current House Speaker John Boehner, leadership in the Senate and the White House for the secret talks that have led to the tentative budget and debt ceiling deal, Politico reports.

“This is not the way to do the people’s business,” Ryan said Monday. “And under new management we are not going to do the people’s business this way.”

Well of course Rep. Ryan has to keep face with the Freedom Caucus and the other radical conservatives in the party…and not hurt his opportunity to become Speaker. Of course current Speaker Boehner realizes this and will take the heat while he walks out the House door…and the White House could care less.

But I call bullshit on this one…Rep. Paul Ryan is the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee…the most powerful committee in the House of Representatives and the chairman is one of the most powerful legislators in Washington. I would find it very unusual that he wouldn’t have been aware of the exact nature of the negotiations and what the agreement entailed during the entire process. Now he’s just got to hope that the president can rally enough democrats in the House to vote for it so Rep. Ryan can hold the line and vote against it if he feels the need.


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1 thought on “Paul Ryan Postures On His Reaction To The Budget Deal

  1. You won’t hear Rep. Ryan mention that $200 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N in federal welfare for Wall Street and the elites, “5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives.”

    To put $200 trillion in perspective, annual U.S. GDP is around $17 trillion. Social Security’s Trust fund is around $2.3 trillion. We blew at least $6 trillion in the Middle East occupations.

    Per the “zerohedge” link above, they’re using the FDIC to “socialize” their derivative risk onto the taxpayers. Almost none of the $200 trillion “trickles down,” into the real economy. It’s mostly on interest rate swaps and credit derivative swaps, nothing goes into the real economy that makes stuff or into new technologies.

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