Now Obama Declares His Own Mission Accomplished Moment?

US has ‘contained’ Islamic State group, Obama says!


The United States has halted the course of the Islamic State group, President Barack Obama said in remarks broadcast Friday, calling for a stepped up drive to “completely decapitate” the militants’ operations.

I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” said Obama. “From the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq.”

Goodness…what an untimely bit of nonsense…and are we sure decapitate is exactly the term we want to use under the circumstances?


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17 thoughts on “Now Obama Declares His Own Mission Accomplished Moment?

  1. Thanks for continuing to shed light on the nonsense and fraud. So called “moderate,” rebels are being supported by the US in a proxy war against Russia here in Syria. Section 1225 of the Senate bill (the 2016 NDAA passed earlier this week), titled MATTERS RELATING TO SUPPORT FOR THE VETTED SYRIAN OPPOSITION, describes military and intelligence support being provided by the US against Assad (i.e. Russia, China and Iran)

    Consequences predicted (likely earlier) but reported in May 2015. Near bottom of page four through end:

  2. Related, the 2016 NDAA ups the ante in Ukraine with another $300M (on top of the initial $5B) to support various groups in the Ukraine with small arms and recon drones and anti-artillery tracking radar. Part and parcel Republicons are going to prevent Barry from ever closing Gitmo as part of the deal, thought the big O will publicly claim he is trying ever so hard to do so. Proxy war second front.

  3. Well I didn’t vote for him and have never experienced any Obama inspired tingly sensations in my leg. I get a bit of pleasure saying, in effect, I told you so. It would be far better of course if you folks could learn your lesson about ineffectual and damaging leftism, but I won’t hold my breath. We need leadership to confront the obvious evil and great challenge of our generation, but your leaders will be heading off to Paris soon, not to confront the problem with no name, but to enjoy the best wine and cuisine while pontificating about hypothetical 23rd century problems.

    1. Ah yes. There’s Denis the Basement-dwelling Warrior talking big after a tragedy from the same type of divisive, fundies that he’d make excuses for if they were Christian.

      Here’s an easier answer- you cannot defeat evil by committing evil. And you’d be a fool to fall into the terrorists’ trap of causing a war between civilizations overseas. You know, like we did in Iraq.

      1. Well said Jake. My bad. I forgot the obvious lesson from World War 2 wherein we stopped Germany and Japan via reason and love.

        1. Are you seriously comparing actual Fascist governments of countries that were taking over other lands to ISIS- who are nothing more than a small group of murderous thugs in control of nearly nothing?

          Are you this stupid in real life, or are you just trying to waste our time because you’re that much of a dead-end loser lacking in both mental ability, and in what work below your belt?

          Step away from the big kids’ table, and let the adults figure out the right solution on how to deal with these fundie thugs.

          1. “Here’s an easier answer- you cannot defeat evil by committing evil” says Jake.

            Well, I used the Germany and Japan example because virtually everyone willing to use the word “evil” recognizes that Germany especially with Hitler essentially personified evil. I was not comparing the relative strength of Germany versus Isis or Islamism generally. But you know that I suspect and your anger and ad hominem attacks are likely a strategy to deflect from the weakness of your argument.

            It doesn’t matter whether evil is represented by a country, a religion, or a local street gang. When they have reached the point of willingness to blow themselves up, shoot random infidels, etc… you have in my estimation reached the point where violence is absolutely an essential component needed to stop them. But if you want to go to Isis territory and offer hugs and what not as an alternative, by all means do so.

  4. You can’t blame Obama or even Bush for the current mess. It was created by the Great Powers of Europe about 100 years ago which drew lines on a map creating nations in the Middle East failing to recognize ethnic,tribal, religious, and other differences. The problem was exacerbated after WWII with the creation of a Jewish state. Add oil plus greed to the mix and you have the current social, economic, contentious mess and frequently, wars.

    Too simple of a solution: Kick Russia out of the area, Nuke Iran, warn the rest to behave or they will suffer the same fate.

    Near impossible solution: Love your neighbor, respect his/her rights, and share the bounty of God’s/Nature’s earth. This was highly recommended as a so-called “second greatest commandment” several thousand years ago by a native son of the middle east. As some may recall, His advise was rejected back then by the 1% and He paid dearly for being outspoken. I read this in a book a long time ago but currently refer His advise as “Compassion 101” in my discussions.

    Always remember first and be guided by: “Oh, the humanity!”

  5. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You have all fallen into the same old trap, taking a post at it’s facing value and not doing any research. Obama’s statement has been taken completely out of context. I find it very upsetting that even self-confessed Liberals are jumping on this bandwagon.

    1. I ain’t taking nothing out of context…I will stand behind my statements…and using the word decapitate was used specifically be the president to incite…he doesn’t use words lightly…and no, he’s not handling the Middle East effectively…the US never has.

      1. -First, this interview is from November 12, 2015. 24hours or more before the Paris attacks.
        -Second, Obama was referring to containment as it relates to “ISIS” conquering and occupying territory in Iraq and Syria. In know way was he implying ISIS was incapable of terrorist behavior/attacks.
        -Third, although you may find it distasteful to use the word “decapitate” what Obama actually said “what we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures”. Obama went on to say “I would distinguish between making sure that the place is perfect – – that’s not going to happen anytime soon – – with making sure that ISIS still continues to shrink in its scope of operations until it no longer poses the kind of threat that it does”. Untimely… yes, but it’s a far stretch for any rational person to interpret what was said as a declaration of mission accomplished. What’s shameful is many conservative/Republican media outlets are echoing your statements (maybe you are echoing theirs) and trying to manipulate what was actually said into rhetoric meant to undermine the Presidents policy and in effect target those liberal presidential candidates that support the current policies.
        Furthermore, although there are hundreds of theories on how the Middle East ended up in its present day state there are also equally as many theories on how to bring peace. None involve including or embracing ISIS as a legitimate “State”. ISIS is a group of murdering thugs that needs to be destroyed regardless of past, present or future Middle East policy. Speaking of a Middle East policy, Ed when can we expect to hear all of your solutions or is your only solution to “get the flock out NOW!” Brilliant absolutely brilliant… Accompanied by rhetoric of course.

        1. “-First, this interview is from November 12, 2015. 24 hours or more before the Paris attacks.” And the blog was written before the Paris attacks as well. I don’t see your point.

          “-Second, Obama was referring to containment as it relates to “ISIS” conquering and occupying territory in Iraq and Syria” Yes, I totally understand that…this blog is about the war in Syria…but it very unlikely they have ISIS contained. I don’t see your point.

          “-Third, although you may find it distasteful to use the word “decapitate…” I know exactly the context the president used and it was disgusting and hateful and as we’ve seen the last 10 years, Barack Obama doesn’t use words lightly. So I find it far more distasteful and hateful that he intentionally used the word decapitate. And yes I am in fact trying to undermine the presidents policy because I think it is tremendously wrong headed. And I don’t care what the pundits or bloggers on the right think or say…but I know that they aren’t paying any attention to me.

          “Furthermore…” Yes, all you are going to get out of my is “get the flock out NOW!” because there is no solution that can be affected by the United States…and I am not interested in sacrificing any more American lives or American blood for a war that we can not win.

    2. WB, you are entitled to an opinion, but without credible sources you fail to convince or to rebut.

      Also, who are you to judge that we should ” be ashamed” and to suggest we are naive and/or are misinformed. Perhaps thou dost protest too loudly. with a weak argument and lacking manners..

      1. The credible source was supplied by Ed.
        I am not judging. Merely, expressing the opinion that you say I’m entitled to. Which, by the way didn’t include any mention of your naïveté or that you are misinformed. Simply selectively under informed would suffice. As for lacking manners… Anyone willing to accuse a sitting U.S. President of untruths is surely lacking more manners then me. However, I am glad to see Ed’s knight in shining armor come to his rescue. At least chivalry still lives.

        1. I am of the opinion that the president is NOT infallible…nor always truthful…whether George W Bush or Barack Obama…and if I don’t call out what I find objectionable…my silence is compliance.

          1. Fair enough but in this instance I believe some, including you, were reading into his statement. I am also critical of many of the president’s policies (all presidents) but because I have great respect for the office and for this country I try to find the silver lining. I find that being critical all the time adds to the problem. I had overwhelming animosity towards George W. Bush but believe it or not I was able to find common ground. Although I think he was probably the worst president in the history of United States finding that common ground made it possible for me to be supportive of the office. Obama’s policies towards the middle east may be flawed but they are far better by comparison then many other presidents in the past. My opinion or my critique of your opinion isn’t/wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. It was simply meant to stimulate thought and possibly bring other ideas or solutions to the table. Clearly, The greatest minds in history have worked on the middle east problem. I highly doubt that today or tomorrow me or you will have a solution. However, supporting our liberal president (present or future) seems to be a better option then paving the way for what we know would be a guaranteed path to escalated war… A Republican president.

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