New York Daily News: God Isn’t Fixing This

This…..a million times this.

The cold hard reality we’re faced with is that no amount of prayer is going to fix our nation’s epidemic of mass shootings – that’s a problem that can only be fixed when elected officials finally get the courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association, which has become a corrupting influence through campaign contributions for far too many of our nation’s elected officials.

Finding a serious solution to our nation’s epidemic of mass shootings is going to require a measure of courage – and that’s a quality sorely lacking among far too many conservatives who hold office.


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2 thoughts on “New York Daily News: God Isn’t Fixing This

  1. Gun control laws will not stop radicalized Muslims with no record. Praying for someone does not mean doing nothing else. It is ridiculous or even shameful to mock those statements.

    Sorry this sounds as bogus to me as Republicans blathering about the second amendment when it is suggested people on the no fly list should not be able to buy guns. That cover is sensationalist and suggests gun violence could be ended. Even without the second amendment the inconvenient truth is we can never fully stamp out this kind of thing. We can only try to reduce it and respond as well as possible. Neither unconstitutional institutionalized bigotry against all Muslims as the far right wants nor the unconstitutional erosion of the second amendment that the far left wants are a magic bullet as some love to suggest.

    The best solution is somewhere in between. It is both unrealistic to ignore the tie between Islamic fundamentalism and much terrorism and unrealistic to cry wolf about the second amendment when any regulation is suggested at all. Religious fundamentalism for many religions is 100% incompatible with freedom. I will back Ben Carson about that because I have said the same about the likes of Huckabee and Santorum. I support gun regulation but it must be in the context of the second amendment and the sensationalist rhetoric on that cover is embarrassingly naive.

    1. Gun controls and gun ownership requirements in line with what might be found in a “well-regulated Militia” would be an excellent and entirely Constitutional place to start. Responsible gun owners who practice reasonable safety precautions, keep up on their training and don’t try to use guns to solve problems that exceed their abilities have never been the problem. It’s the criminals, the crazies, the careless and the NRA that have given gun owners a bad name — I really don’t understand why more responsible gun owners don’t speak out in favor of regulations that would allow them to demonstrate the difference between responsible gun owners and delusional nut cases.

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