Ivanka’s Baubles Bangles and Beads

Apparently Ivanka Trump wore jewelry from her namesake line of jewelry while accompanying Donald Trump for his interview on “60 Minutes”. And someone from her firm sent out info touting it. And some people are making a big stink about it.

Really? I mean Really?

Donald Trump is about to destroy the legacy of President Barack Obama, destroy international trade, destroy safety net and entitlement programs for US Citizens, destroy the economy by removing 11 million working residents, destroy the environment and possibly start the biggest recession/depression since Herbert Hoover and we a getting out of joint over some over priced costume jewelry?

Get your heads out of your posteriors…we have some real policies we have to stand up against…and you are worrying about this?


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1 thought on “Ivanka’s Baubles Bangles and Beads

  1. On a positive note, Ivanka’s company admitted that the action was inappropriate and noted that they were still finding their way. Good for them. Trump and family might not turn the White House into a cross between QVC and The Price is Right after all.

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