Short Note to Democratic Party Associated Organizations

Just damn stop it. If you want/need some money from me just ask. Send out a well written fund raising letter/email and ask.

I am fed up with the scare headlines and messy looking emails with the 10 different suggested donation amounts. Act like grown ups…act like professionals…treat me with respect. I know we have a big challenge coming up. But you aren’t trying to work with me…you are trying to scare me into opening my wallet again and again and again.


This is a email subject line that is supposed to get me to act?: “Milwaukee eliminates Medicare?!?!” Really?

or “Need to stop this”. or “Obamacare repeal announced” or “Whoa, we’ve got to be ready:” or “UPDATE: Donald Trump attacks Medicare”.



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1 thought on “Short Note to Democratic Party Associated Organizations

  1. Amen, Ed, amen. I am tired of seeing Republican type threats and being treated poorly even being accused of backing trump and against Mr. Obama. I’ve responded to some to stop but no such luck. I’m not donating to any of these scare tactic organizations.

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