Tim Cullen NOT Running For Governor

Do I have to run?

Democrat Tim Cullen won’t run for governor in 2018:

Former state Sen. Tim Cullen announced Wednesday he won’t seek the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018, citing the hefty amount of necessary fundraising as a deterrent.

Cullen, 73, announced his decision in the Capitol Press Room alongside his daughter and a handful of supporters. He said the decision came in response to being told by others who have run for statewide office that he would need to spend three to four hours a day calling potential donors.

“This is a very sad commentary on the state of democracy and elections in Wisconsin,” Cullen said.

Yeah, I agree, fundraising sucks…but if you are going to run for office YOU have to do it.

So back to the drawing board…which Dem actually wants to be governor?

footnote: Wisconsin Democrats have chance at Gov. Scott Walker but no candidate


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5 thoughts on “Tim Cullen NOT Running For Governor

  1. Mr. Cullen would make a sterling candidate, but he, or anybody, would need to run against the little weasel in a fair election. Indeed, without the Diebold factor Guvvie would have lost by a landslide in all three contests so far. And before raising the predictable chorus of “tinfoil hat” derision, check out this:


    This guy lays out an absolutely convincing and airtight case that electronic election theft had been rampant in this country, at all levels of government, for more than a decade at the time of writing. And all the same markers, associated with last November, point to it having gotten worse since.

  2. I think people need to accept the fact that Walker will likely win a third term, regardless of who his opponent is. He has too much money, and too many people will vote for him simply because of the “R” next to his name, and they also like how he hurt unions.

    The Democratic Party would be much better off focusing on making headway in the state assembly and state senate.

    1. Money is important, but less important than it’s been. Hillary out spent President Trump by like 2 to 1 and we all know how that ended. Focusing on legislative races is an interesting idea, but ultimately defeating. In the WI Senate, the Dems have 6 seats to defend and the Repubs 11, making the math better for the minority party. Unfortunately this implies that a Tom Barret will be running for governor. That, and the off presidential year-ness of the election that historically inflates the Republican turnout and depresses the Democratic showing, will make 2018 a tough year for progressives.

  3. There is a military axiom which states, “Cut off the head and the body dies.” It reasons that an assault is best repelled when the leader is removed from the action.

    Of course a peaceful election effort creating a figurative
    “headless” Walker would also go a long way to removing some of his fellow politicians.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have some roads and bridges repaired? And no tax cuts for the 1% too?

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