Walker Is Running For a Third Term

This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the budget he’s submitted for 2017 – 19 and the noises he’s been making around the state. But he’s all in:

Gov. Scott Walker plans to tell Republicans at their annual convention Saturday that he is “ready” for four more years, eliminating any question about whether the governor would seek a third term.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to help lead Wisconsin forward for four more years. But I need your help,” Walker plans to tell Republicans, according to excerpts of his speech provided to the Wisconsin State Journal by his campaign.

It’s time Democrats…who’s running?


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8 thoughts on “Walker Is Running For a Third Term

  1. Hopefully Mike McCabe runs as a Democrat. I mean, why not at this point? No one else has stepped forward.

    1. Ya know, the lack of people willing to challenge the little weasel for his seat is baffling – until one considers that maybe anyone in a position to do so would also be in a position to know about the inevitable Diebold factor. I sense an atmosphere of futility.

      1. And I don’t get why so many Dems are bailing on it. Walker has a track record of lying, failed policies, corruption and incompetence. That, combined with the disaster that is GOP control in DC, should make it a relatively easy run for any Dem with ambition.

        It’s like the DPW insiders are afraid of saying the words LIAR WHO DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU when it comes to Walker, and it gives a false impression that Walker is stronger than he really is. It needs to stop NOW.

        1. I do get it. It’s that sense of futility I mentioned. You can’t win when the opponent has stacked the deck.

          1. Then those hacks gotta get out and get in some people who recognize how very vulnerable and beatable Walker is. By November 2018, no one outside of dead-end trash holes will want to be associated with Republicans, and Walker’s got 8 years of failure and corruption on top of that.

            Get any kind of decent candidate, and the money will follow. And if the current DPW insiders can’t figure that out, then they all need to resign and get a bunch of others who can. I’m sick of this defensive, losing attitude.

  2. Fantastic news! So excited to work for a third term for one of the greatest Governors this state has ever known. Forward, Wisconsin!

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