Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging Blue!

On July 1st, 2007 founding editor Zach Wisniewski posted the first article on the brand new Blogging Blue. The article, Obama Raises Big Bucks, discusses the fund raising prowess of the various Democratic candidates for President in the 2008 campaign cycle, including Senator Barack Obama. How many of you saw that original post in 2007?

I’d like to thank Zach for his vision for Blogging Blue and the hard work he put into the site since that day in 2007. His posts became the bellwether of what was going on in Wisconsin politics as well as a unique take on what was going on nationally. One thing I admired most were his interviews with candidates…always meaningful questions that elicited insightful answers. Always well worth the read!

And over the years he did an outstanding job of bringing on other contributors who provided divergent opinions and views with intelligence, wit and respect. Not an easy task given the vitriol on the internet…the divisiveness in the blogging sphere…and some of the behind the scenes nastiness and harassment that most of you never knew about. I miss a lot of those contributors. And I want to thank them for helping make Blogging Blue the blog site that it is today.

And I particularly need to thank Zach for giving me a platform here to share my opinions. I felt I was in good company and I certainly walked into a lively site with involved and informed readers and commenters. And I can’t quite believe he trusted me with the keys to this joint when he decided to scale back his online involvement…and let me take over Blogging Blue this past February. Thank you for your confidence in me.

So I am promoting Zach to Editor Emeritus effective today! LOL!

So…that all being said…I would really like to hear from all of you…what are your favorite memories of BB? What have you liked the best? Any favorite contributors?

And I would also like to take this opportunity to ask all of you to take a few moments and recommend ideas for Blogging Blue’s next 10 years. What could we change? Are there any features you’d like to see? Something we can tweak to enhance your BB experience? Please let the ideas flow…

So thank you to all of those involved in our first 10 years…and here’s to 10 more!


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5 thoughts on “Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging Blue!

  1. You have all done a great job but Phil Scarr was my favorite. I would like to see more posts on environmental issues.

    1. Environmental issues are of interest to me too…but a little outside my area of expertise…and I don’t currently have time to dig into them…do you know someone who can address the environment who would ‘fit in’ here??

  2. Congrats you guys. Keep the fires burning and keep up the fierce work in the next 18 month’s. We will need it!

  3. Sincere congratulations! This blog is on my daily ‘read’ list for sure. I’m certain it takes a great deal of effort and it’s greatly appreciated.

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