Another Desperate Call For Single Payer Health Care

This time it comes from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the dire straits that family dairy farms continue to suffer here in Wisconsin. I don’t have an answer for that issue and I wish I had. But one thing they shouldn’t have added to their issues…is pulling one of the family off the farm to provide health insurance:

At least one spouse, she (Elizabeth Schlintz, a dairy farmer from Bangor) said, has to work off the farm to get health insurance.

Every American should have access to affordable health care. They shouldn’t have to take a family member off of the farm to insure themselves. The family farm has been the core economic engine of rural Wisconsin for generations. It’s a small business. It can be a job creator. It helps drive the local economy. And its owners, its families, its employees, should have single payer health care…as should every other American. No one should have to worry about their farm and their heath insurance too.

If I rambled a bit…I am sorry…but this pisses me off.


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3 thoughts on “Another Desperate Call For Single Payer Health Care

  1. Quick– name the 2016 presidential candidate that unequivocally supported Single Payer?

  2. Edward Susterich if you want to get specific Bernie Sander’s wasn’t a candidate for President as he never received a party nomination.

    That doesn’t change the political reality that universal healthcare wouldn’t have passed right now.

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