Nobody is talking about or to Communists except Republicans

As part of his current campaign for re-election as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker tweeted this yesterday:

Now, nobody on the left is espousing Communism. But I imagine the word plays well with the Trump base that Governor Walker is trying to motivate…and they probably don’t understand the difference between Communism, Socialism and the current crop of American Democratic Socialists. So shame on the governor for playing more partisan games with Wisconsinites…games that have nothing to do with the gubernatorial campaign.

But if we really want to get down to it…there are some actual (former-?) Communists who are being wined and dined by American politicians and elected officials…and none of those people are on the left…they are members of the Republican party.

btw: Those East Germans pictured were refugees…how were they treated when the arrived in West Germany? Have they gotten their children back yet? (snark).

btw: And the governor is celebrating the fall of a wall dividing nations…but supporting building another one now. (still snark)


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2 thoughts on “Nobody is talking about or to Communists except Republicans

  1. Nobody ever accused the little weasel of consistency. Seems he gets more unhinged by the week. While his idiocy and buffoonery have always been epic, they now approach those of his orange hero. It will indeed take another dose of Diebold to get this transparent fool re-elected.

  2. Oh yeah, get that fake Diebold voter tampering shit in there early. Spoken like a TRUE future loser that KNOWS how to lose, and lose OFTEN.

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