Could You Imagine If Everyone Had Dental Insurance?

Going back to the article about the GOP rally in Waukesha.

A staunch supporter of the GOP was bragging about the increase in her dental practice due to increased employment in the area…and the resulting availability of dental insurance. Can you imagine how successful she would be if EVERYONE had dental insurance? She should be fully behind comprehensive universal single payer health (including dental, vision and mental health coverage) insurance.

John and Yvonne Stubbs of New Berlin said they were happy with what they heard. As an extra step this year, Yvonne, 45, has been texting her friends and urging them to vote and offering to babysit their children when they go to the polls.


“I know that as a dentist, my business is thriving under Gov. Walker’s leadership,” she said. “More people are employed. More people, as result of being employed, have dental insurance and they are coming in and getting the care they have needed all of these years.

Could you imagine how successful she would be if EVERYONE had dental insurance…all of the time?


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1 thought on “Could You Imagine If Everyone Had Dental Insurance?

  1. A similar argument can be made when your Republican friends are decrying the possibility of increased taxes to fund what some might call Medicare for All. Just remind your acquaintance that what he wouldn’t be paying in extortionate health coverage premiums would more than offset any tax increase, due to the economy of scale built into the much larger risk pool. Problem is, the default comeback when they’re confronted with that unassailable fact is always, “But it’s about freedom.” Freedom? Freedom from what? Slavery to the current medical/insurance megalith?

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