My Latest Rant On Odd Year Spring Elections

I have written about this a number of times…I am not suggesting that we do things that inhibit elections…quite the opposite. I am suggesting we move odd year spring elections at minimum to even years.

We are wasting money on these little bitty elections and not getting enough participation to actually say we have representative government for these positions.

Tuesday is the Spring 2019 Primary…this is my ballot…my entire ballot:

Really? We are opening polling places and paying poll staff for ONE race? Really? This is first off a waste of money. It is an affront to the candidates who are taking the time and making the effort to run and then garner a minuscule turn out. And it makes it seem like we aren’t taking the office of school board director seriously. Move these odd year races to even years so they get the attention they deserve and so our municipalities can redirect the costs for running these elections to something else that is crying for resources! jeez louise!


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