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Since my preferred campaign finance laws would preclude anyone but an eligible voter from contributing to a political campaign…this whole thing is a bit more than troubling!

Republican group spending more than $1 million to help Brian Hagedorn in Wisconsin court race

A Republican group swooped into Wisconsin this week to help Brian Hagedorn in his bid for the state Supreme Court, helping fill a gap left when other conservative groups abandoned the race. 

The more than $1 million effort is the first dose of major outside spending for Hagedorn, who is running against Lisa Neubauer in the April 2 election. Both sit on the District 2 Court of Appeals and are hoping to succeed retiring Justice Shirley Abrahamson.   

An arm of the Republican State Leadership Committee debuted ads this week, including one that invoked President Donald Trump to praise Hagedorn. That ad compares attacks against Hagedorn to those against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  

And until the above injection of cash in the race listed above, here is where the race stood: Outside Spending for Neubauer Swamps Hagedorn

Groups backing Neubauer include:
The Greater Wisconsin Committee’s issue ad and independent expenditure arms have doled out at least $835,000 on television and digital advertising;
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has spent $131,140 on door hangers and canvassing;
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin has spent $121,900 on online advertising and canvassers;
For Our Future has spent $83,829 for brochures, canvassing, and digital advertising;
Center for Popular Democracy has spent $31,400 on campaign literature and canvassing;

Hagedorn’s outside support came from the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, which spent $87,381 on canvassing, door hangers and mailings.

My preference would be all of this money should just stay home…let Wisconsin voters decide with their personal wallets and votes.

full disclosure: I support Judge Lisa Neubauer for Wisconsin state Supreme Court,


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