Trump’s Support In Wisconsin?

I am not going to go into great detail on who in Wisconsin supports Donald Trump…I’ll let the article speak for itself. It gets into breakdowns of college/non-college, rural/urban, gender, religious/not, etc. So if you are a policy wonk, you’ll love it. Here’s the intro though so you can get an idea of where it’s going to go:

Older blue-collar whites.

If there is a stereotypical “Trump demographic,” that is it.

Yet in the very blue-collar battleground of Wisconsin, President Donald Trump has a slightly negative approval rating among these voters since he took office.

That kind of complicates the stereotype, doesn’t it?

Ever since Trump’s election more than three years ago, his white, working-class political base has been the object of study and fascination in the political world, especially in the key blue-collar battlegrounds that swung the election — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
“Blue-collar white” has become shorthand for the Trump vote.

But as voluminous polling on Trump in Wisconsin makes clear, white blue-collar voters are far from a uniform bloc.

While they were the primary force behind Trump’s 2016 victory in this state, they have been very divided over his performance in office.

Since he entered the White House, Trump’s approval rating with blue-collar whites of all ages in Wisconsin is only slightly more positive than negative: 50% approve, 45% disapprove, combining more than three years of surveys by the Marquette University Law School. That is a little worse than Trump’s numbers with this same demographic group in national polls.

The Marquette polling shows Trump’s standing among non-college whites varies dramatically by gender, age, marital status and religion – many of the chief dividing lines in modern politics.

Ok…now I am going to get picky and complain about journalism in America. Did you catch it?

Ever since Trump’s election more than three years ago,

emphasis mine

I know I am getting older and not always doing the math in my head as well as before…but I think November 2016 was less that three years ago. C’mon Craig Gilbert…C’mon Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…and JSOnline! Somebody edit this stuff. Am I supposed to trust your more complicated statistics after you blew simple subtraction?


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