Lori Compas to Scott Fitzgerald: “Welcome to the 21st Century!”

Republican State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is many things, but apparently one this he’s not is a believer in the idea that women can have strong political views (and take equally strong action in support of those views) without needing a man to tell them how to think.

At issue are recent comments Sen. Fitzgerald made to the Capitol Times, in which he expressed disbelief at the idea that Lori Compas was the driving force behind the effort to recall Sen. Fitzgerald, as well as her campaign, saying, “I don’t for one minute believe she is the organizing force behind this whole thing.” I’m not sure how things are in Sen. Fitzgerald’s house (but I can only imagine), but contrary to his narrow world view, women are actually capable of forming thoughts independently of their husbands. Perhaps in Sen. Fitzgerald’s house he tells his wife what to think and what to do, but his view on what women are capable of doing seems awfully antiquated.

While Lisa has already shared her own thoughts on Sen. Fitzgerald’s comments (and Lisa’s entry is well worth the read), I wanted to share a video Lori Compas shot in response to Sen. Fitzgerald.

If, like me, you understand that women are fully capable of forming their own opinions on all things political, and you also know that women are fully capable of running for elected office without taking their orders from men, you should think about supporting a great organization like Emerge Wisconsin, which helps train strong Democratic women to become strong candidates for elected office.


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