“Where are the jobs?”

JSonline points out that Governor Fundraiser is raking the money in.

– Gov. Scott Walker is raking in money at a pace not seen before in Wisconsin politics as he prepares to face the state’s first-ever gubernatorial recall, taking in more than $4.5 million over five weeks.

In just over a year, Walker has raised more than $12 million in campaign donations – more than he spent to win the seat in 2010 – and despite sizable spending in recent weeks still has $2.6 million in cash in the bank, according to figures released Monday by his campaign. The Republican governor has traveled the country to raise money in recent weeks and has benefited from a quirk in the state’s election law that allows elected officials facing recalls to raise unlimited amounts.

Governor Walker has traveled the country fundraising with some of the worst people in the world while shirking his duties as Governor of the great state of WI. Scotty could not even take the time to attend his own, I love Scott Walker pep rally. His many travels however are paying off:

Walker has been able to exploit that aspect of state law, raising $5.1 million in the second half of 2011.

The day recall signatures were filed against him, Walker was scheduled to hold a fundraiser in New York City hosted by Maurice Greenberg, the founder of troubled financial services company American International Group. No details had been released before deadline on that fundraising.

But among the previously reported donations that Walker received were $250,000 from Bob Perry, owner of Perry Homes in Houston and one of the primary financial forces behind the Swift Boat Veterans ads that attacked U.S. Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign; $205,000 from Elizabeth and Richard Uihlein of Lake Forest, Ill., founders of the shipping supply company Uline; $175,075 from the Schuette family, which owns Wausau Homes and supports the state tea party movement; and $20,000 from H. Ross Perot Jr., son of the two-time presidential candidate.

So out of state money from unions bad, out of state money from the hate right is A-OK. Yes Bob Allen, from Texas, the swift boat financier who helped smear veteran & US Senator John Kerry, cares so much about Wisconsin and the education of our children that he donated a quarter of a million dollars to the scott walker campaign. Either that or he was rewarding our governor for doing as he was told.

While the Governor has raked in the money, Senator Mark Miller(soon to be majority leader)thinks that can be overcome!

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) said, regardless of the financial strength Republicans might have, Democrats had a strong argument to make to voters – that though the state had gained jobs in the first half of 2011, it lost jobs in the latter part of the year even as the rest of the country created them.

“The governor and legislative Republicans need to answer one question: Where are the jobs?” Miller asked in a news conference Monday.


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15 thoughts on ““Where are the jobs?”

  1. I bet the jobs are in Illinois, I am hoping Mr. Miller runs down there…again.
    Using this jobs logic against Walker I am pretty sure that Jeff is also very much for Obama being ousted as well?
    Why is Walker raising money? the recall
    Why are people donating? they don’t support the recall
    The bottom line is that you lefties are losing, the recall is nothing but an attempt to return control of the state to the unions.
    The money spent by the state administering this failed attempt to oust Walker will eventually lead to further loss of benefits and jobs for government workers since we know Walker will not raise taxes to make up for the shortfall. It is a gamble that state workers will lose, unfortunately the union leaders who are pushing the recall will still make theirs, they’ll just do it in a different state.

  2. Well Woody I would feel the same way except of course :

    Since the last SOTU, the economy has created 1.9 million private sector jobs.

    Private sector job creation under Obama in 2011 was larger than seven out of the eight years Bush was president.

    We clearly see that President Obama is on the right path, so we muct then turn out attention towards the obstructionist republicans who have not done anything but get in his way and realize why paul ryan will be a lobbyist this time next year and answering to congressman rob zerban,

  3. Nationally…22 consecutive months of job growth…in Wisconsin 6 consecutive months of job lossses…ever since Gov. Walker’s budget took effect.

  4. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Since the Obama presidency began in January 2009, the number of private-sector jobs has actually decreased by more than 1.4 million.
    Are you going to claim that the first year’s losses are on Bush? Then Walker could utilize the same cut and run tactic by blaming it on Doyle.

    1. We’ve had 22 consecutive months of job gains during President Obama’s first term in office.

      Sure, there’s still a net jobs loss, but we’ve had 22 consecutive months of job gains.

      Contrast that with 6 consecutive months of job losses during that same time period, and something just doesn’t add up. If the national economy has gained jobs every month over the past 6, logic would dictate that Wisconsin would gain jobs as well, but it seems pretty clear that Wisconsin’s job losses fall squarely on the shoulders of Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the legislature.

      Anything else you’d like me to debunk?

  5. 1.4 million in losses despite the 22 consecutive months of growth, what did you debunk?
    Please ask Obama’s jobs tzar, Jeffy Immelt how many US jobs he created at GE? and how many did he move to China?
    Cherry pick the numbers all you want, looking at a small sampling, lets say 6 months, is shortsighted and smallminded.

    1. After a year in office, how many jobs has Scott Walker created? After all, he promised to create 250,000 during his four years in office, which means by now 60,000+ jobs should have been created.

    2. C’mon, you and I both know the first few months of job losses (over 2.1 million jobs lost) shouldn’t be attributed to the newly-inaugurated President Obama.

      However, Scott Walker isn’t “newly inaugurated,” and the past 6 months we’ve seen job losses in Wisconsin while nationally we’ve seen job gains.

    1. Ok….so if the 1.4 million in total job losses are all President Obama’s fault, then so too are the 6 consecutive months of job losses here in Wisconsin.

      Agreed? Agreed!

      I’m glad we settled that, and I’m glad you agree that Scott Walker’s responsible for the 6 months of job losses here in Wisconsin, while President Obama is responsible for 6 consecutive months of job gains during that same time period.

      That’s certainly a stark comparison, hey?

  6. Wisconsin is part of the USA when last I checked. As long as a socialist sits in the White House issuing regulations daily, what governor can get his state-side businesses to begin hiring? Reelect Obama and we will have four more years of this malaise.

    1. “…what governor can get his state-side businesses to begin hiring?”

      Ignoring your other bit of nonsense…Apparently 49 other governors!

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