Fantasy Island

It appears that even though Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaiz are no longer with us, it appears there is a new fantasy island located somewhere on Jackson Road in Whitewater, WI.

Recently some protestors in Madison, dumped beer all over well known Hingst Robin Vos. This sparked massive fake outrage on the rightm the likes of which we have not seen since the last time they made a scandal up. Now not content on thinking of ways to insert himself into running the city of Madison, Steve Nass (R – Big Government) is sticking his nose in. The problem is Nass is upset over a story he seems to have made up, if not highly exaggerated.

Nass, on taxpayer time, put out this news release.

“The problem is not with rank-and-file police officers. They have had enough, as well. Frankly, the problem rests squarely with the top law enforcement leaders that have let their partisan views interfere with the conduct of their offices,” Nass said.

So Mr. Small government is now using his government position to tell both Madison Police chief Noble Wray and Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney how to best do their job. Nass is still upset about the drive by beering of Robin Vos. The protestor who spilled the beer was given a ticket for disorderly conduct (which is more than the Mad strangler received but Nass has not mentioned that).

Then Nass also whined about an an incident at the Doubletree where a right wing “think tank”(term used lightly) came to town to tell us we were being to easy on minorities and too hard on the white students. Knowing what was coming, a bunch of students found their way to the news conference to protest the ridiculousness. Well the republicans, especially Nass, get disgusted when the peasants gather.

Nass also cited what he referred to as “the siege” by UW-Madison students of a Madison hotel Tuesday morning.

Students arrived at the hotel to protest the findings of a conservative think tank’s study that claims white and Asian students are being discriminated against because of the university’s admissions policies.

According to Nass, protesters “roughed up” hotel staff and ignored the orders of police. No arrests were made in that incident.

The problem is that(surprise) what Nass says happened, just didnt! As Professor Olneck writes:

inally, Ms. Chavez takes at face value, and further publicizes, the Doubletree’s manager’s description of what occurred at the hotel. The press release issued by the Doubletree described the large group of student protesters as a “mob” that “became increasingly physically violent when forcing themselves into the meeting room where the press conference had already ended.” And, it alleged that “staff were then rushed by a mob of protesters, throwing employees to the ground.”

I attended the press conference, and was in the main lobby of the hotel afterward. There was no “mob” that was “physically violent.” There was an organized group of protesters whose loud chanting forced an end to the press conference, and which attempted to enter the conference room after the doors were open. Two hotel employees attempted to physically prevent the group from entering the room, and the group pushed through them. Members of the group attempted to confront Mr. Clegg, and made his exit difficult. Some followed him as he headed toward what I presume was the elevator bank. While this experience was clearly unfamiliar and unnerving to Doubletree staff, for the manager and Ms. Chavez to depict what occurred as the actions of a “mob” is an egregious slur on the students. While the protest may well have broken decorum, its well-motivated participants do not deserve to be characterized as a “mob.”

Then Nass has even more to say:

“The escalation of disorderly and dangerous conduct by protesters is partially due to the failure of law enforcement leaders in Madison,” Nass added in the statement. “The risk of a major incident continues to grow since protesters now feel immune to any real consequences.”

Here is where I do think Nass finally has some credibility. The risk of major incident continues to grow as long as incidents like This, this, or this go unpunished the republican thugs at the Capitol will be empowered to commit even more violence and thuggery. Let’s also not forget the Chief Noble Wray has failed in his duties in not making Governor Scott Walker come in and explain EXACTLY what he meant by considering introducing violence into the Capitol protests.

So there are some things that Chief Wray, Sheriff Mahoney and Chief Tubbs have to answer about their conduct this year. There just happens to be actual things that have happened that should be explained and the stuff of Steve Nass’s imagination. Unfortunately all Nass cares about is his fantasies.

Note: Mayor \"Citizen\" Dave\'s take here!


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