WI GOP Broke It…

they got to buy it and then own it!

Oh geez Ed, what are you rambling about now? Well since I originally wrote about the stalemate between Wisconsin’s Attorney General and the GOP legislature over how to settle suits involving the state…we’ve moved exactly square none!

Well to catch up for those of you who may have missed it…the GOP passed lame duck laws last fall between the November election and the January inaugurations meant to stymie the incoming Democratic Attorney General and Governor. One of those limited the AGs ability to reach and approve settlements related to state lawsuits. In some situations it requires approval of the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee.

But no one agrees on how that should work or the mechanism to make it work. And if you look at the article (the second one also linked above), you’ll clearly see that the GOP and Attorney Kaul are pointing fingers at each other for the stalemate.

Which brings me to the title and opening statement. The attorney general wasn’t the attorney general when the law was written. The only people in Madison responsible for the law’s shortcomings are the GOP masterminds in the legislature who bungled writing this thing. They need to own up here and either agree to work with the AG or rewrite the thing.

In the meantime litigants are left hanging and the state may end up paying more if the unsettled suits start to find their way to court. So, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald…step up and fix your own damn mess!

P.S. Sen. Fitzgerald thinks he wants to replace Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner in the 5th CD and bring his unique brand of dark ineptness to Washington. We can’t let that happen.


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