It was a “perfect” call!

And what the hell does that even mean? This is the phrase that President Donald Trump keeps repeating in tweets, helicopter side impromptus, and his rallies around the nation.

It was a “perfect” call.

Well “perfect” requires a rating standard of some sort and we don’t have one here. Was it perfect because the line didn’t drop? Because he got to ask for “his favor”? Because the Ukrainian president didn’t immediately say no?

It tells us absolutely nothing about whether the conversation revolved around legal or illegal matters. That’s what the impeachment inquiry is all about. And from the depositions released so far, the president has created the “perfect” storm around himself. Everyone has corroborated his ask for a political favor of an ally…one that would require that ally to interfere with an American election…one that is clearly and definably illegal…and an impeachable offense.

There…I just made a “perfect call”.

P.S. Yes, Mr. President, I read the transcript. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.


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