Yes, County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb Is Running for County Executive

He sure picked a cold November day to throw his hat in the ring…he’s gonna freeze his head. But as rumored yesterday, the County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb has announced his campaign for Milwaukee County Executive!

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb Sr. is running for county executive, the fifth person to enter the race since Chris Abele announced he wouldn’t be seeking re-election in April.

In an announcement posted on his campaign website, Lipscomb highlighted his experience on the County Board and wrote that he and his wife, Nicole, are lifelong Milwaukee County residents

“My time in public service has been defined by working to find solutions to some of our greatest challenges,” he wrote. “Including properly investing in our parks and transit systems. Milwaukee County is at a pivotal moment.

“The next County Executive needs to have a full understanding of the intricacies of county government, our finances, and the roadblocks that have put the brakes on progress for 20 years. That’s why I’m running for County Executive.”

So we now have five candidates. I guess that’s not a surprise for an open seat. A lot of people are obviously interested in ‘moving up’. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and we don’t end up with the herd we are seeing in the Democratic presidential race.


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