Who Put Out The Hit On Mayor Pete?

Many of you are probably as surprised as I am at the ascendance of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the polls…particularly in places like Iowa. And of course his growing popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed in the media or the campaign offices of his Democratic opponents.

But even with that…it is surprising that ‘they’ are coming after him as directly and cruelly has ‘they’ have. My question is who is ‘they’ and why are ‘they’ attacking a Democrat in this manner?

Of course we have the concerns around his time as a business consultant with McKinsey and Company. A consulting company that has grown larger than many of its clients and has a checkered history working with government agencies. After a bit of jawing around in the media, Mayor Pete released the clients he worked with while employed at McKinsey.

And then there was consternation around his fundraiser held in wine country California…it was high dollar and apparently a closed event…which brought a lot of attention to his campaign. Something he certainly didn’t need but brought a promise of improved transparency going forward.

And then the NY Times published an article in the Sunday Review section, questioning whether Mayor Pete is old enough to run for the presidency. WTF? Certainly he’s young but given the ages of his major opponents, he just looks even younger that he is. Of course the rap on being young relates to the supposed experience that goes along with age but given the incumbent, I’ll take youthful exuberance and his apparent intelligence over dementia.

And then there were the photos that surfaced showing Mayor Pete as a Salvation Army Kettle bell ringer. And yes I know the history of the SA and their stance on the LGBTQ community…but really? We’re going to bust the chops of an openly gay man over the SA kettles? Trust me on this. He knows what he was doing…and it plays well with middle America…and you can’t change someones mind unless you work with them and give them the reasons to change.

Which brings up the constant hum that he’s too moderate or middle of the road. Well, it’s apparently actually working: i.e. the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. And those of you who want a liberal and progressive candidate, you’ve got to to pick from. Make your selection, make your case, vote your preference. Why are you picking on Mr. Buttigieg?

So back to the main question. It is probably not a coincidence that these complaints about Mayor Pete are all surfacing as his poll numbers rise…but who is pushing the anti-Buttigieg agenda? The other Democratic campaigns? The Democratic National Committee? The Trump Campaign? The Russians?

I really hope that it’s not Democrats sniping at their own. If the eventual winner isn’t Mayor Buttigieg, which is most likely, he or she will probably need his endorsement to win.


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1 thought on “Who Put Out The Hit On Mayor Pete?

  1. It wouldn’t matter if Mayor Pete were completely clean of any questionable baggage, or how in tune he may be with what people really want. The DNC would be committing election suicide by running him. Few people, no matter how progressive they believe themselves to be, would vote for someone of non-traditional sexual identity. One can only believe he’s in the “running” as a distraction.

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