Why Is The US Still Using Contractors In Iraq?

The whole chain of events of the US bombing Iranian supported Iraqi militia bases, the Iraqi terrorists attacking the US Embassy compound in Baghdad, the assassination of Iranian General Qassam Soleimani, and the Iranian attacks on shared Iraqi/US bases was the result of the death of an American citizen working in Iraq as a military contractor.

Given the current level of combat in Iraq, essentially training and support work with the Iraqi forces to hunt down ISIS cells still active in Iraq, why are we still using contractors? We don’t have enough troops available? By now we must have enough interpreters in actual uniform to support our efforts in Iraq.

And I can’t help but feel that some of the reaction on the part of the president is politically motivated right now. There was barely a response out of Washington last summer when a US Marine was killed in Iraq much less additional attacks or troops at that time. Of course there wasn’t an impeachment going last August.

It’s time for the Department of Defense to get out of the contracting business once and for all. We need to know that the troops fighting on our behalf are part of our chain of command and know and are following our rules of engagement.


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