A Little Damn Late: Evers Calls For Legislature To Halt In Person Voting For April 7

Governor Evers called the legislature into session tomorrow to take up changing the April 7th Presidential Primary and State/Local General Elections to an entirely mail in election.

Election changes should have been part of his emergency declaration bundle three weeks ago. And he should have called the legislature into session shortly after that to make these changes when he first suggested it. I mean it’s damn late now.

And as many of you here have supported over the past two weeks, the entire election should have been delayed like it has been in many other states who had April elections scheduled.

This just smacks of saving face and putting it to the Republicans who have also been dragging their feet. The next election cycles should see the removal of ALL incumbents in Madison. These continued partisan stand offs are killing Wisconsinites and hurting our economy and environment.

Evers on Friday called a special legislative session for Saturday to convert Tuesday’s election entirely to a mail-in election, a change he called for a week ago but state election officials said was too late to accomplish and Republican lawmakers rejected.

If it was too damn late to implement a week ago it is certainly too late to implement today. The topic of discussion tomorrow should be moving the election…my suspicions say the GOP will gavel the sessions open and closed just like the others that the governor has requested.

But this may the actual response that Evers wants to drive home this late in the game:

Both GOP leaders of the state Legislature have repeatedly said they consider in-person voting to be safe despite thousands of people expected at some polling locations as clerks consolidate amid a massive shortage of workers.

“If you are bored at home and sick of watching Netlfix, volunteer to go and help at the polls,” Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Wednesday.

But that may play well in red zones since the result of holding in person on Tuesday will certainly suppress the vote in Milwaukee. From 180 polling places it looks like the city will have?

On Friday, Milwaukee election officials announced there would be just five polling locations for Tuesday’s election which is expected to draw up to 50,000 voters leaving the possibility of hundreds or thousands of people deciding not to wait in line to vote, getting infected, or both.

FIVE. Even that is a significant drop form the 10 or 12 that were being considered earlier this week.

Those of you who are already voting absentee now have until April 13th (4 PM) to get your ballots back to the election commissions. That comes from a recent federal court case that didn’t change the election date but moved the dates for requesting absentee ballots online (5 PM today) and extended the return date.

That’s a bit of relief for me since mine still hasn’t shown up…and the mail carrier was here today…shown as mailed 3/22…no show as of 4/3.


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