There Are More Important Things Than Living

I don’t even know where to go with this…the title is a quote from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick : There Are More Important Things Than Living

Comparing the death toll in Texas with its population, he went on to say, “every life is valuable but 500 people out of 29 million and we’re locked down and we’re crushing the average worker, we’re crushing small business, we’re crushing the markets, we’re crushing this country.”

I won’t be putting even dead flowers on his grave.


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2 thoughts on “There Are More Important Things Than Living

    1. Despite your history here, since you are a health care professional, I expected far more from you than this. There is a whole lot of difference between knowingly putting your self in harms way to protect our nation from Hitlers and King Georges. People aren’t putting just themselves at risk but other innocent and unsuspecting people as well. As the son of a disabled WWII vet and the father of an active duty soldier I clearly understand the risks and the difference.

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