Doctors Without Borders Shouldn’t Be Needed In The US!

This is a truly disturbing, What The Fuck! moment in the United States. If nothing is more indicative of our slippage toward third world status under the Trump regime, having Doctors Without Borders set up shop in the US to help the Navajo nation is the final proof.

The United States has the resources to attend to the health care needs of every man, woman, and child living in the United States. The limited resources of Doctors Without Borders should be focused on actual third world countries where their help is critical.

We have the best health care system in all of the world? Well, apparently fucking not.

Doctors Without Borders has sent a team to help the Navajo Nation battle the coronavirus outbreak in a rare mission within the U.S., the organization confirmed on Tuesday.

Doctors Without Borders spokesman Nico D’Auterive told The Hill that nine professionals were sent to assist the Navajo population in the southwest U.S. in April. The professionals will stay until at least the end of June.

The international group typically sends health professionals to conflict zones around the world during medical disasters, and the coronavirus pandemic marks the first time it has dispatched teams within the U.S.

Navajo Nation, which consists of about 170,000 people, has more coronavirus cases per capita than any state in the U.S. with about 1,786 cases per 100,000 people. It also has a shortage of medical professionals, and its people have high rates of diabetes and hypertension, which can make them more vulnerable to the virus.

The largest tribe in the U.S., it has reported 100 fatalities. 

What? We missed this breakout because we didn’t know? Would that be our excuse in Washington? In the statehouses of the Southwest US? It’s their jobs to know this. Or is it just additional racism…we don’t care what happens to our indigenous brown people…the 21st Century version of small pox blankets.

Over the past few days the president has been touting how the world is looking up to us as a leader in battling COVID-19…a specious argument few of us actually believe…but we may now well be a laughing stock for not taking care of our own people and letting responsibility fall to a foreign non-governmental organization.

How can we continue to accept this lack of definitive actual leadership out of Washington for another day?


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