Putin’s Bounties vs. Trump’s Regime

Several weeks ago, the New York Times, published an article outlining intelligence reports that Russia was offering bounties to the Afghan Taliban for killing American soldiers. Other media outlets and apparently foreign intelligence agencies corroborated the reports.

What was the first response from the White House? Well nobody briefed the president. Really? Well then they said the information wasn’t solid enough to brief the president on. Well that seems unlikely too. There are several classifications on intelligence items when presented that explain the intelligence communities confidence in the veracity of the report. So I really doubt that the information would have been withheld from the White House. So lets look at this a bit more.

The first response would be that the president was initially briefed and that the president is lying when saying that he wasn’t. What makes this believable had been the president’s continued reliance on lies when communicating with the nation and the world. That alone makes him unfit to be president.

Now, let’s say that the president wasn’t briefed? Was someone afraid to present him with this information? And of so, why? Were they afraid he would shoot his mouth off at an inopportune time? Were they afraid he’d tell Putin (I mean Putin already knew…or did we want Putin to think that WE didn’t know)? Were they afraid he was a Russian asset? Were they afraid that he would get angry and fire them…or oh my goodness…Tweet about them? If it’s any one of these things, the president is unfit to be president and the intelligence agencies need a deep cleaning.

But they had to know that eventually, this was going to come to light. Shouldn’t they have been prepared with a unified story when it did…other than nobody briefed the president? Again, a very serious indictment on the Trump Regime and whether they are able to defend the nation.

One of the cabinet members (I don’t remember who and I don’t care to spend the time looking for the article) stated that he remembered a briefing from February, but they used the word ‘payments’ and not ‘bounties’. I mean, really, no one in this brain trust recognizes synonyms? This is an even lamer excuse.

Now, it’s been several weeks and still no response from the president on sanctions or other reactions to these bounties. And they most certainly have some substance…because so far…the only people who have denied them…is the Russians.

For someone who gloats about re-arming our Armed Forces and prides himself on taking care of our troops…who loves his military parades and military plane flyovers…the lack of response in protecting our active duty troops is flat out treasonous.

And from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the other Senate Republicans…not even crickets. Gentlemen (and yes it’s mostly men), is this the legacy that you want to leave behind?


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