Ten Years After!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my first post here at Blogging Blue: Nagging unemployment: whose fault is it anyway? Not sure if it’s fair to call it my post since I quoted another writer…and got permission to do so…and gave him his due. But there it is!

At the time that Zach asked me to join I thought this was the perfect outlet to vent a bit and put my ideas out in a public forum for the consideration of others. I never expected to last ten years…nor have posted nearly 3,500 posts in the meantime…with 6,200 Twitter followers and 1,600 on Facebook.

And the last thing I ever expected to do was take over the publishing reins when Zach decided to pull back. But by then I was hooked and nearing retirement and didn’t want to lose the place or to have to start a new site…start all over? YIKES!

I may have gotten a bit obsessive at times: the Whither Milwaukee County series or the COVID-19 stuff this year…but that’s what it’s all about.

I also didn’t expect to run it into the ground as we continued to lose readership and contributors to social media in a big way. Blogs are passe it seems.

The first year or so as publisher I did try to recruit a number of new contributors…fifteen to be exact…one taker….who soon had to leave because of a conflict of interest with a new job. That was a loss.

I also didn’t expect the animosity and hatred and vile nonsense that happens behind the scene, the name calling and personal threats. I didn’t expect to have my car vandalized twice and my house once (the police told me that I was stupid to blog about politics under my real name)…nor someone try to flock with my employment. More on that later. But I persevered.

That being said, it’s been ten years. And I am starting to feel some sense of the end of the road. I have retired in real life…it’s time to retire from this one.

I have committed to seeing Blogging Blue through the election and to the end of 2020. At that point I will hang up my snark and blue pen and pursue the other things I may have been putting off.

Stay tuned…Blogging Blue itself isn’t done yet!


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2 thoughts on “Ten Years After!

  1. Ed, thanks for all your thoughtful commentaries on the whole spectrum of issues– the quality and quantity is impressive. Everyone knows that quality writing can be laborious and time consuming– verifying facts and achieving clarity can take hours, not just minutes.

    While I prefer the blog over social media, the latter certainly seems to have an ever increasing audience. Time marches on– ten years of great blogs is quite an achievement.

  2. Ed, as I’ve said to you privately I appreciate what you’ve done to keep Blogging Blue going. You’re absolutely right that it’s a tough time for blogs….lots of folks seem more interested in the quick hits of Twitter and the like, but I still think there’s a place for Blogging Blue.

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