Answer To My Question? What Was A 17 Year Old Doing With That Rifle?

In my post about the two people murdered and a third seriously wounded in Kenosha but a 17 year old BOY with an AR-15…my question was what was a 17 year old from Illinois doing in Kenosha with the rifle.

Well from comments and news articles on line, nothing that is legal.

Apparently in both his home state of Illinois and in Wisconsin, a 17 year old can’t own a long rifle and is not permitted to open carry such a weapon.

So not only did Kyle Rittenhouse murder two people on the streets of Kenosha, he had broken gun laws in two states and carried the gun across interstate lines to do so. Yet right wing media and others are trying to make him out to be a hero. ALL of his actions were illegal. ALL OF THEM.

Now yesterday I also asked if there would be federal charges. I think it would be appropriate if there are…but…after thinking bout it…I hope that there aren’t federal murder charges. The feds still have the death penalty while Wisconsin does not. His life is already forfeit but I don’t want to him him killed.


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5 thoughts on “Answer To My Question? What Was A 17 Year Old Doing With That Rifle?

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse being there was a bad idea. That being said, the evidence is clear. This is a case of self defense.

    1. an AR-15 vs. a skateboard? are you that fragile? Being there was a bad idea? No shit? Even before he shot anyone he was in violation of a number of laws related to the use of firearms.

      1. The only law not related to self defense is a misdemeanor charge of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. For a misdemeanor his life is “forfeit”? Extreme Harshitude from Heinzelman the hangin’ judge. This tragedy holds number of lessons. The main one being a corollary of “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”.

          1. His lawyers assert that he borrowed the gun from a friend IN Wisconsin. I have a post half written @ that, and will publish tomorrow.

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