COVID COVID COVID…we’ll stop hearing about it on November 4th. Except for THIS:

Or so exclaimed our president in the run up to the election as ‘we were turning the corner’ on the pandemic hoax…it will just go away on November 4th and we won’t hear about it again.

Well except Wisconsin broke three records today to maintain its top five rating as a national coronavirus hot spot.

The state Department of Health Services on Tuesday reported its worst day of the pandemic yet, with 7,073 new cases and 66 deaths, bringing the death toll to 2,395.

Both case and death numbers are record-highs.

The average number of new daily cases over the last seven days reached a new high of 5,825.

Whoops…I missed a record:

The average daily death toll over the last seven days hit a new record of 42;

What the flock is wrong with you people? What will it take for everyone to take this seriously?


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