So Is The New WI State Crime Lab A Candidate For MKE’s Century City?

The State of Wisconsin put out a request for a new state crime lab for the Milwaukee area and although they got pretty specific on their geographical preference, would this be a candidate for Milwaukee’s Century City development? The state says either a refurbished existing building or new construction would pass muster and they want room to expand.

The Wisconsin Department of Administration on Thursday released a request for proposals for 100,00 square feet of building space in Milwaukee County or eastern Waukesha County. The state aims to move into that space by November 2023, according to the RFP.

Due to the nature of the crime lab operations, the state is seeking a low-visibility location away from foot traffic. The RFP said the ideal location would be south of State Street and north of West Cleveland Avenue between Calhoun Road on the west and Highway 175 and Miller Park Way on the east.

While that is the preferred area, the state would also consider other sites in the city of Milwaukee south of Interstate 94 east-west between the lake and West Cleveland Avenue. That includes the Menomonee Valley and 3rd Ward, according to the RFP.

Obviously government’s decisions about building can affect the areas they select. And sites are often chosen to provide an anchor building or to inspire further development in an area or region. There is no doubt that Century City has the space to build now and grow. And there is no doubt that a new State Crime Lab could be a plum development in CC.

Or maybe Strauss Meats can sell them their lot in Franklin since their off and on and off again expansion is in question there…as the result of a wishy washy municipal government.


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