The Republicans Need To Make Up Their Minds

So Congress passes a relief bill and the President torpedoes it and the House Dems take him at his word and then, the House GOP kills the new current version of the relief bill.

I think the President needs to call House GOP leadership and Senate Majority Leader McConnell and all get on the same page about what can be passed and what can be signed. This December, the dang Republicans in Washington are the swamp.

House Republicans on Thursday blocked an effort by House Democrats to approve $2,000 stimulus payments for millions of Americans. Democrats were seeking to advance the measure after President Trump demanded it Tuesday night, breaking with many of his fellow Republicans.



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3 thoughts on “The Republicans Need To Make Up Their Minds

  1. Since the relief package that President Trump vetoed passed the house 358 to 52 and the Senate 92 to 6, simply override the veto and be done with it. Unless, of course, you are more interested in political theater than relief.

      1. The way the media focused on what was going to happen when it was vetoed, I thought they knew something. Silly me. I’ve got to remember to be more skeptical of what I read in the MSM.

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