WI Rep. Mike Gallagher On Dominion Voting Machines!

From the Friday, December 4th, 2020 print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Gallagher also knocked down baseless claims that Dominion Voting System machines somehow flipped votes from Trump to Biden.

“We have 19 counties that use Dominion systems, Trump increased his vote by about 60,000 in those counties and Biden increased them by 47,000, so Trump netted about 15K votes,” Gallagher said. “So if Dominion was tampered with in Wisconsin it didn’t help Biden all that much.”

And as a side note:

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Wisconsin but said President Donald Trump’s campaign has a right to press its case in the courts.

“In Wisconsin, it appears Biden won by 20,000 votes but the Trump campaign is within their rights to exhaust their options in court, make sure every legal vote is counted and investigate claims of fraud,” Gallagher said.

Can we now allow our court system and election commission relax a few moments and prepare to enjoy the holiday season?


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