11 thoughts on “Wisconsin: How Your Representatives Voted On The COVID Support Bill:

  1. Early reports of the stimulus package claiming that $500M are included to improve legislative member DC healthcare, $2B for Gallagher’s Space Force, money galore for munitions and foreign countries:


    Gallagher’s press release of 12/21 has him complaining that Congress might as well be dissolved as he is in the minority party, but he admits to having done nothing for 9 months, which I suppose could be properly defined or characterized as his receipt of a 9 month paid paternity leave for him and his recent newborn as he confirms in the last two lines here:


      1. Yes.

        Try a search: Stimulus money for foreign countries.

        $1.3B to Egypt (Foreign Military Financing Program)

        Almost $.5B to the Ukraine, $177M to fund Israeli ballistic missile program.

        Plus $2B for the Space force, $35M for sexual-abstinence programs and a tax break for racehorse owners.

        Thanks Congress, and this is a bipartisan effort.

        Fortunately the chief nihilist GOP death cult leader from WI, Robin Vos, though floating the trial balloon yesterday as WI registered its highest Covid related death toll, announced he will require state Assembly members to meet in person, rather than virtually, in order to participate in the next legislative session in order to deny Governor Evers or the minority party any chance to provide relief to WI businesses and workers.

        1. No.

          You are grafting elements of the omnibus spending bill into the ‘rona bill. There is not almost $.5B to the Ukraine in the ‘rona bill. There is not $177M to fund Israeli ballistic missile program in the ‘rona bill. There is not $2B for the Space force in the ‘rona bill. And the list goes on.

          Your points would be stronger if they were not built on a foundation of confirmational bias and lies. Just sayin’.

            1. Nope, separate legislation. President Trump could veto the ‘rona relief bill and sign the other.

              As an aside, I wouldn’t call elected members of congress idiots. It’s disrespectful and, in a few cases, not entirely accurate.

              1. I am not so sure. This is from NBC News and I saw similar descriptions in the NY Times this morning:

                Trump threw the massive Covid-19 relief and government funding bill into question on Tuesday when he threatened to veto the bill after it passed both chambers of Congress with strong majorities.

                1. Let me help clear it up, it’s more complex than you may think. Congress actually passed 13 bills*. 12 of ’em constitute the “Omnibus Spending” legislation to fund the feds in 2021 and a separate $900 billion bill specifically for ‘rona relief.

                  Here’s more if you’re interested.

                  Just read an interesting piece on the WW I Christmas Truce the other day and the somewhat cordial nature of this thread is causing a bit of déjà vu. Merry Christmas to you Ed, Et al.

                  *They passed several other smaller bills too, but the bulk of the spending is in the 13.

                  1. well the way its being written about it seems it has to be signed as one bill. if not the president could easily just sign the relief portion and leave the rest or vice versa.

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