Body Armor In the Capitol

A couple of months ago I wrote on my personal Facebook page that it appeared the two most dangerous jobs in Trump’s America were public health official and election official. Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family have received death threats simply because Fauci is trying his damndest to contain a viral pandemic worse than anything America has seen in 100 years. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ( a Republican) and his family have received death threats, simply for presiding over a free and fair election in Georgia. And these two examples are among a great many nationwide of people, of regional or statewide prominence, or previous relative obscurity and local in both public health and election work, who’ve endured something similar to varying degrees. One would think that this development alone would give pause to any American genuinely interested in the welfare of the country to decide that things have obviously gone way too far. Way too far. Well, one would be wrong.

We can now add a third category to the most dangerous jobs in Trump’s America, congressional representative.

Freshman GOP congressman from Michigan Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach President Trump, told MSNBC host Hallie Jackson just this morning that some members of Congress are purchasing body armor ( which he notes is a reimbursable expense) because, in his words, ” our expectation is that someone may try to kill us”.

I’m not in a position to tell Wisconsin media outlets what to do, but isn’t this something they should follow up on? How about a question to Scott Fitzgerald? Maybe it would go something like this?

Media ” Hey, ,Representative Fitzgerald, whattya think about that guy from Michigan, you know, the one who voted to impeach Trump, saying that he’s buying body armor through his congressional expense account because his expectation is that someone may try to kill him? And democrats are buying it too.”

Fitzgerald responds: ” Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for body armor! The deficit is already ballooning and kevlar vest purchases will only add to the financial burden our children and grand children will have to pay back simply because some congressional members are worried about getting shot!”

I don’t know, is this how it would go? Obviously I’m being facetious in the tradition of genuine gallows humor, but what do Representatives Scott Fitzgerald, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Grothman, Bryan Steil, Tom Tiffany and Senator Ron Johnson think about this? Any comment on the fact that your colleagues are buying body armor? Any comment on the fact that you guys don’t feel the need to buy body armor? Any comment on what that says about you guys?

Media outlets across Wisconsin need to get on this story immediately and get every Wisconsin congressional Rep on record. It’s a simple question: ” what do you think about some members of Congress, your colleagues, feeling the need to buy body armor?”


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2 thoughts on “Body Armor In the Capitol

  1. Typical of fiscally irresponsible republicans, creating an atmosphere which requires larger expenditures. Wanna bet many republicans have stocks in the companies that benefit from this type of failed policy.

    1. You’ve got a wicked dry sense of humor George. Maybe you should become a contributor instead of just a commenter?

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