The Maskhole Caucus

You gotta wonder sometimes if Republican legislators in Madison are maybe sitting around the bar having a beer, or five, and as the mood shifts from slightly tipsy to verifiably drunk one of them shouts ” Hey, what’s the dumbest, most pointless and destructive damn thing we could do right now?” Another shouts gleefully ” I got it! Let’s legislatively overturn Governor Evers mask mandate!” A chorus of hoots and raised bottles ensues. ” Yippppeeeeee!”

How else to explain the fact that 27 Republican state legislators have signed on to a resolution to overturn Governor Evers mask mandate? Has there ever been a more” hold my beer” moment, one with such potentially disastrous consequences?

We’re at a critical point in this pandemic. People are fatigued from almost a year of social distancing, isolation, missing gatherings with family and friends, mask wearing, etc. There is a dangerous sense that, with a vaccine on the way, perhaps we can begin to relax, get back to normal, let our guards down a bit, that the worst of it is over. That’s simply not the case.

The latest coronavirus variant is already known to be much more transmissible than the original, and evidence is mounting that it may be more deadly. Now is not the time to relax anything. The confluence of all these factors could easily result in yet another steep and protracted spike in infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

What we need right now is a unified effort from everyone, politicians, community leaders, public health officials, everyone, to strongly encourage face coverings in public. Instead we have a politically grandstanding pack of bloviating maskholes attempting to undo a fundamental public health practice that can save lives. And they’re attempting it just because Tony Evers is a democrat.

For the love of God, people, just stop it. Stop. Lives are at stake. Some of those lives could be your family members, friends or neighbors. Or my family members, friends or neighbors. Think about what you’re doing for a change. Withdraw your resolution and let’s all get on with doing our best to contain this pandemic.


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6 thoughts on “The Maskhole Caucus

  1. I was attempting to refrain from becoming the most frequent commentator here, but your post title generated a very much needed and welcome belly laugh in agreement with the sentiment in your piece about how ridiculous these gerrymandered WI GOP clowns are.

    Senator Andre “the Hutt” Jacque, who should be investigated for signing the January 5 letter to Pence asking for interference in our Constitutionally directed election process (take your pick, 18 U.S.C. § 2339A, 18 U.S.C. § 2384 or 18 U.S.C. § 2385) actually had an idea back on April 2, 2020, expressed in his press release, to address the shortages in supplies, PPE should be taken or confiscated from Planned Parenthood (close them down actually)on the basis that their services were deemed by him to be non-essential for the largely black and brown and low-income women and their families served by this non-profit organization.

  2. The first step is to redistrict our state. Fix this gerrymandered mess as soon as possible. I watched as Evers called a special session that was opened and closed in 26 seconds. Disgusting.

  3. I see a major issue that the “maskhole” fools have created. Anyone who is in a Wis Senate and Representative District where they are represented by Democrats has no voice. The inappropriately named Tea Party and the politicians they support fail to comprehend the simple phrase from the real tea party days: “Taxation without representation”. The GOP has intentionally made my Senator and Representative irrelevant through unethical and antiAmerican gerrymandering. Vos, a man with no moral compass from a district that will never vote him out, has ruled as a little dictator. A fool who I never had the chance to vote for or against somehow has been given power equal to the governor. Then there was Fitzgerald, another fool. Try contacting either of them, or Tiffany, and it is almost a guarantee they will not respond. The GOP wants to talk about voter fraud, then the jackasses should be talking about the real fraud, gerrymandering. They are not constitutionalists, they are not for open government, heck they are so far from the roots of conservativism that it is impossible to even understand what they stand for, other than the one platform they hold, to keep themselves in office.

    1. They stand for grabbing as much power and money as they can, and rigging rules to get even more.

      They don’t care how much that hurts our state’s economy, they don’t care how much economic or physical pain goes onto everyday Wisconsinites, and they don’t care about getting the consent of the governed.

      Know this, and treat them accordingly. They only care about the dead-enders in their district that vote in GOP primaries. Which explains why they “govern” like some dinwit who gets his/her “facts” from AM Hate Radio.

      But the rest of us also have to deal with the mess caused by these selfish fascists.

      1. As if near 6K needless deaths of WI citizens due to the pandemic isn’t enough, these illegitimate WI GOP legislators apparently haven’t seen enough permanent harm or deaths done in their whining over Governor Evers’ attempts to address the current health crisis and subsequent financial burdens for either our now permanently unemployed or forgotten populations.

        Let’s definitely not ignore the clear white supremacist angle behind the GOP abuse of power and direct abuse of the racial and ethnic make-up of our citizens living in proportionally more densely populated areas of the state, affected by today’s Assembly vote.

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