Steve Kerr gets it right on gun control

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr is absolutely on point:

“I think it’s, first of all, important to reference their names,” Kerr said. “These are human beings. These are people who have been lost. The thought of the mothers and fathers and sisters, brothers, daughters and sons who are grieving right now with the loss of the people behind me is just devastating — particularly in the wake of what is just a common occurrence in our country and an inability of our representatives in government of doing anything about it.”

Kerrr went on to note the inaction by the United States Senate to take any action on meaningful gun control legislation due to efforts on the part of Republicans led by Sen. Mitch McConnell to block any meaningful legislation to address the issue.

“The gun in Atlanta was bought that day without a background check. Eight people died as a result,” Kerr said. “This bill was passed by the House, it hasn’t even been presented in the Senate. It wasn’t last year because of the makeup of the Senate. I imagine it will be presented in the Senate this term, but I am just sort of at a loss for words at this point.”

Here’s the video of Kerr sharing his thoughts on the recent mass shootings in our country,

The idea that there isn’t some room for reasonable legislation to reduce the likelihood that bad actors will obtain firearms is ridiculous. According to some polling 83 percent of gun owners support expanded background checks on sales of all firearms, including 72 percent of all NRA members. It’s time for our country to get serious about addressing the issue of gun violence in our nation, because this isn’t an issue that’s going to go away with “thoughts and prayers”.


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