M.D. Prattle

If half-assed innuendo was a precious metal we could mine M.D Kittle’s prose to great profit.

Over at “”Empower “” Wisconsin”” ( Kittle has an infatuation with “quotation marks” as his primary ” tool” of casting “aspersions”) his recent aimless meander names Milwaukee Election Commission executive director Claire-Woodall-Vogg as Empower Wisconsin’s “Tool of the Week”. The Commission activity that warranted such a designation against Woodall-Vogg? They applied for a grant, were awarded said grant, and apparently implemented it according to the grant specifications. Man, that is some shady shit right there!

Kittle’s half-assed, half-hearted and half-baked attempt at a smear campaign against Woodall-Vogg is so fragrant with an overpowering patheticicity ( yes, I just made that word up for M.D. Kittle!) that I felt embarrassed for him. I can’t in good conscience leave a fellow writer, (even a half-assed one), with his sorry half-ass hanging out in the breeze like that, so I thought I’d offer him some tips on how he can ” up his game”.

  1. Kittle calls Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ” Zuckerbucks”. This is because Zuckerberg contributed the grant dollars that the Milwaukee Elections Commission was eventually awarded. The problem with this bit of innuendo is that A) We all know Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of money B) It’s not funny C) Given that Zuckerberg is Jewish it sounds like a name that might be found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Makes you wonder what kind of reading material is on Kittles night stand. My pro-tip on how to fix this? Produce some evidence of wrongdoing. Nothing beefs up anemic, rhetorically iron poor innuendo like evidence.
  2. Don’t link to yourself in your innuendo. If you start out with half-assed arguments, and then link to yourself to support them, you end up with quarter-assed arguments. If you continue to do so you’ll end up eighth-assed. It’s just math.
  3. Vet your experts. In one of Kittles self-referential links from his piece in Empower Wisconsin to Wisconsin Spotlight ( how many shitty conservative websites does this guy write for?) he cites appellate law attorney Erick Kaardal. Who is Kaardal? He’s currently embroiled in a fight against the ruling in February from U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg referring Kaardal to the D.C. federal courts disciplinary panel. Kaardal’s alleged infraction? Advancing, according to Judge Boasberg, less than good faith lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results on behalf of republican voters wanting to overturn the election results to benefit Trump. That’s an unforced error, M.D. You gotta quote a different lawyer. I hear Rudy Giuliani is looking for work?
  4. Change your name. Go to the courthouse and make it official: “M.D. Prattle”. This will create a congruence between your name and your writing and will have the added benefit of alerting readers to what they can expect from you.

As a final thought, Mr. Prattle, you should consider reading more of James Wigderson’s stuff. While I’m not a fan of his politics he’s at least principled enough to not spread bullshit ” election fraud!” nonsense to his readers.


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2 thoughts on “M.D. Prattle

  1. It is interesting to watch the far right get all knotted up in their concerns for the grants that over 200 Wisconsin municipalities accepted to help run their elections in 2020. If they are so concerned about possible outside influence, the remedy is fairly simple: just make sure the Wisconsin Legislature provides whatever funds are necessary to run Wisconsin’s elections.

  2. The next real job MD Kittle has will be his first. Oh, but this is “charity work” for the Bradley’s, right kid? #TaxThem

    And of course, this is used as “evidence” by WisGOPs to waste more committee hearings and bills to go after non-existent “problems.”

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