So Just How Conservative Is Milwaukee Mayoral Candidate Bob Donovan?

Conservative. This has always been an adjective added to former Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan’s name in any media discussing his time on the Common Council or his attempts to run for Mayor of Milwaukee. And now with no incumbent in the race to replace former Mayor Tom Barrett, Bob Donovan has again surfaced as a candidate for Mayor.

So just how conservative is Bob Donovan in a fairly liberal mid-western City? Well conservative enough to earn an imprimatur from long time conservative activist and mega-commentor on Blogging Blue…Bob Dohhal and his Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Wanna see? These are screen captures from a recent email from Mr. Dohnal:

Certainly not someone that I would want for my mayor.

Extra credit reading:

After Tom Barrett’s resignation, Milwaukee’s first open mayoral race in nearly two decades features seven candidates

And doing a search for Bob Donovan will provide you with plenty of articles to get you through the current cold snap!


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