Well The Most Qualified Potential GOP Candidate For WI Governor Decides Not To Run

Well, I am not surprised. Former Four Term Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson announced that he will not run for a fifth time. Ironically he’d be the most qualified candidate if he ran and probably the most moderate but also the only one who would actually want to improve life in Wisconsin for all of its residents. But he’s 80 years old and after his recent successful stint as interim president of the University of Wisconsin system…he’s earned a healthy and happy retirement.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, a Republican elected to four terms starting in the 1980s, announced Monday that he will not run again in a bid to take on the Democratic incumbent in the battleground state.

Thompson said in a statement announcing that he would not run that it was a “very difficult decision.”

I know I have the vision, drive and vitality to serve another term as governor,” Thompson said. “Wisconsin needs strong leadership to bridge political divides, care for our most vulnerable, set our economy on a path to succeed in the 21st-century, and again make us the shining star of the nation. I would have brought those qualities and commitment as governor.”

Thompson did not endorse anyone in the statement and did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

So now we are back to just the loose screws from the bottom of the Wisconsin GOP’s junk drawer.


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