Are COVID-19 Vaccines Safe? Here’s The Proof!

Ok. so this story is already a month old…but I got other things cooking too…so I am just getting around to this one…LOL!

So of course the naysayers keep saying that the COVID-19 vaccines aren’t safe despite millions of Americans and millions more around the world getting them with little issue. No, not no issue, but little issue.

And then single-handedly, one man in Germany proves the safety of the vaccines without fanfare:

A German man allegedly got himself vaccinated against Covid-19 about 90 times in a bid to sell fake vaccination certificates carrying real vaccine batch numbers for people against inoculation.

The 60-year-old from central Germany’s Magdeburg received close to a hundred doses for months at vaccination centres in the Saxony state but was caught by police earlier this month.

Officials caught the sexagenarian at a vaccination centre in Eilenburg when he turned up for a Covid shot for the second day in a row. The police found several blank vaccination cards on him and have initiated criminal proceedings.

So there you go…and of course the rest of the world is the comparison case test group. Yes, there is still that one unknown though:

The man has received dozens of Covid jabs from different brands, and it is not immediately clear how these would impact his health.

But apparently he hasn’t gotten AIDS yet (more on that later).


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