Dems Need To Get Their Stuff Together On Health Care:

I have been a rather vocal proponent of single payer universal health care for all Americans. And I think that Senator Bernie Sanders has been detrimental in using the term Medicare For All when Medicare isn’t the best answer to America’s continued health care crisis. Americans need and deserve a far better program than the current version of Medicare. And then this comes along:

So it troubles me when an elected Democratic official throws around nonsense like this. Medicare has premiums. Medicare has co-pays. Medicare has deductibles. Medicare drug coverage has the infamous donut hole.

So for Rep. Jayapal to throw around this line of misinformation is truly troubling. And I’d like to see a plan with no co-pays or deductibles…but there will never be a plan with no premiums in my life time.

But the Dems need to wake up and get this shit right.


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