Republican Thugs – XI – Recall Edition

It has been awhile since I have been able to update our ever increasing Republican Thugs series! Since the recall has officially started, republican thuggery in this state is spreading like wildfire.

1. Charles Brey (H/T Politiscoop). Brey has advocated many times, using the Castle Doctrine on recall petition gatherers. Kevin Binversie made this \"joke\" originally, and it was so funny it has spread. The problem with Binverie’s funnies, and what happens when the Wisconsin Reporter ignores this story, is that it gives a wink and a nod to the crazies that its ok. This time Brey picked up on it and they don’t know what they did. Brey was downright giddy to get his concealed carry permit, but does not like to point out that he to an extreme militia group. We all know what the George W Bush administration felt about the growing threat of right wing militia groups as domestic terrorists. Their latest intelligent act, is premeditated felony, to tear up any page of signatures he can get his hand on. But do not fret all its ok that Brey has a gun no matter how crazy he appears to be, God told him to!

The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall be one of His sheepdogs.

While His flock grazes in peace, I shall remain vigilant; looking out for danger. And the overwatch shall man the tower with a .50 caliber.

2. Some crazed unhinged Scott Walker supporter threw a rock through a window of a local establishment that had \"RECALL\" signs in their window.

It appears by the note the Walker supporting thug had on the rock that (s)he is mad that the public schools failed them.

3. Then of course, the classiest of all, is the republican party of WI latest act of ridiculousness and hypocrisy. They launched the recall \"integrity(term used loosely)\" center, which appears to be a place for the crazies and thugs on the right to let people who support the recall know that they are being stalked!

Let us hope someone from the republican party of WI or an elected official on the right has the guts to denounce these people as the crazies that they are before something bad happens. They can not unleash these loons and then try and wash their hands when they snap. It is time for the someone on the right to step up in a leadership position and tell these guys to “knock it off”!


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5 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – XI – Recall Edition

  1. Brey is supposedly an IT Security specialist for Fond du Lac county. Could a person with his skill set engineer a denial of servce attack on a Walker recall website? Just wondering…

  2. Its nice that he makes a living off the taxpayers of WI. If you see his eyes in the video of him applying for his license. There is nothing I would put past him.

  3. No conspiracy theory there right? The anti-walker protesters scream and yell and do all crazy things to make a “point” and at the same time look like sore losers.

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