Donald Trump Visits College Football Game and Social Media Goes Nuts, But I Have a Question?

Yesterday former President Donald Trump invaded South Carolina to attend an annual rivalry football game between the University of South Carolina and Clemson.

Trump supporters are gloating that the former president got the biggest ovation ever and that South Carolina was Donald country…despite being the home state of Nikki Haley.

Trump opponents are saying that fans and band members booed the Donald on his appearance.

Not an argument that I care to get into. But I do have a question.

Shouldn’t this stunt be classified as an in kind donation to his campaign and who should be credited with it? U of South Carolina (Is a public university allowed to do that?)? S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster? The TV network broadcasting the game? Do we have a violation of campaign finance law??

from the link above:

At halftime, Trump and McMaster (S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster) briefly walked onto the field, gave a thumbs up to news media and waved at a cheering crowd, which had some scattered boos. Trump left the stadium shortly after.

I imagine we’ll just hear crickets…


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