So, No One Is Being Called Out For The Lies And Accusations From Republicans and GOP Electeds Around Yesterday’s Niagara Falls Car Crash?

Yesterday a car crashed at one of the border crossings between the United States and Canada. The two occupants of the car died in the crash as the car went airborne, crashed, and burst into flames near a checkpoint.

Immediately, any number of Republican officials, electeds, and candidates went into high gear stress mode demanding we close the Canadian border. Claimed it was a terrorist attack. Claimed the car was full of explosives. Claimed we needed to be on high alert for more attacks. Build Viveck’s Canadian Wall!

Law enforcement agencies wisely closed the border and issued warnings to be alert of suspicious activity. But eyewitness reports said that the car came from the US side of the border. Yet the lies continued to roll out minute after minute well into the evening yesterday.

I haven’t gone back to check but I would hope these lies and divisive posts have been removed by their makers…and I hope they learned something of a lesson and in future wait for facts. I doubt it.

BTW: Fox News was immediately reporting terrorist attack and explosive laden car and didn’t back down for quite a while, even as the facts started to emerge.

Not an apology or push back in sight.

First Amendment Free Speech? Or their own brand of domestic terrorism? With ‘friends’ like this…


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